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Better By Performance


If the OMNI flow computer can be described in a single word, that word is "reliable." Reliability is the cornerstone of measurement. Without it, all the appeal of "new" technology and attractive packaging disappears. With millions of your dollars on the line every day, the reliability of your flow computer is crucial. We build our flow computers to meet the needs of measurement first.

Over the past quarter century, the OMNI has proven itself to be an extraordinarily rugged and reliable instrument. These are virtues prized by our customers and undisputed by our competitors.

With numerous OMNI flow computers installed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in mission-critical applications, we've never received a notification of failure in almost twenty years of supply. Similar reports come from the Dutch North Sea and Oman. Why? Because an OMNI never intrinsically fails. Only the OMNI can boast a measured MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of better than five years, with a catastrophic MTBF of more than 192,300 hours. That's 8,000 days—​or 22 years!

Thanks in part to its legendary reliability, the OMNI flow computer has earned its rightful place as the benchmark product all others strive to match.

Fast, Accurate, Versatile

Accuracy is a requirement. While a certain threshold of accuracy must be met by all flow computer manufacturers to comply with measurement standards, the OMNI is engineered to calculate to a greater resolution (64-bit double precision mathematics, to be precise) than the empirical API data and API MPMS Ch. 12.2 require—​or you'll ever need.

The OMNI's highly efficient firmware has been exceeding all calculation and processing speed requirements for 25 years. The operating system and application software of the OMNI flow computer operate so fast that it's measuring flow less than one second after a restart or power interruption.

Electronic flow computer products built on Windows® or Linux software require more CPU power and memory to operate inefficient, slow-loading, memory-dependent operating systems. Such products can still be recovering from a power spike while the OMNI is back online and measuring product.

The OMNI is also versatile. Whether you're measuring gas or liquid, in metric or U.S. customary units, with flow meter types ranging from turbine, PD, and ultrasonic to DP, Venturi, and Coriolis, the OMNI is ready for measurement.

Trusted, Secure, Traceable

Security in measurement is key. With separate main and communications processors and features such as password time-outs, MAC filtering, and ping blocking, the OMNI is built with network security in mind.

All OMNI firmware is covered by a single revision number and checksum. These two numbers are all you need to verify exactly what's in your OMNI's firmware. For example, if API MPMS Ch. API 11.1 (2007) is selected as your volume correction calculation, you can be sure that's exactly what will be used as the basis of calculation. You can discuss with our security specialists the security software methods that OMNI has adopted to mitigate your operational risks when configuring a flow computer. Call us today at 281.240.6161 to request a meeting.

An OMNI flow computer's embedded calculations cannot be changed or edited. Its firmware configuration, not programming, provides full traceability to product approvals. Only the OMNI gives you the assurance that what we implement at the factory is what is being used in the field for your measurement and applications. OMNI's compliance with all major metrological standards and regulations, including OIML and the EU-based WELMEC, is always assured.

Is it an important matter to know who does your flow computer programming? Yes—​because you never really plan on having an expensive mismeasurement!