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Better By Value

Built To Last

How long is your project's lifetime? Will your flow computer choice continue to be available and supported? The OMNI will because it's built to last.

Thanks to their superior design and rugged construction, OMNIs around the world in a variety of operating conditions have been in continuous operation for decades, despite documented cases of exposure to lightning strikes, hurricanes, flooding, even a vehicular crash.

We're proud to report that OMNI serial number 0001, shipped to a Phillips 66 location in Kansas in May 1991, is still in service today counting barrels in Illinois with its companions, serial numbers 0002-0004.

Upgraded since but yet still different with respect to some functionality from today's OMNI production units, these early models continue to meet current customer requirements. While "future proof" is a term used to define product life cycles and in current use by others, OMNI has been demonstrating "future proof" since 1991.

OMNI stands behind the quality and longevity of our flow computers because our success relies on your success. We're the only flow computer manufacturer that supports our products with an industry-leading, three-year guarantee.

Never Obsolete

Will the flow computer you select still be available and supported over the lifetime of your project? If not, how many product life cycles can you afford?

OMNI flow computers have never been discontinued nor obsoleted. Why? Because they don't need to be. Thanks to an easy migration path for both hardware and firmware, the OMNI lets you keep pace with measurement and communications trends and standards without the need to purchase a new flow computer or incur hidden engineering costs every few years. With an OMNI, you simply upgrade the internal components as needed.

No other flow computer manufacturer has supported a single product as long as OMNI. Numerous flow computer platforms have been launched and obsoleted in the past 25 years. Meanwhile, OMNI products endure.


There is more to being responsible with your money than just paying a low commodity-based price for a partially-developed, software-based product. It isn't enough to spend less; you must spend wisely. You need to get the best value for the money you spend, and value is measured by products that last and the products that you measure. As a buyer, if not the ultimate user, it should still be important for you to know who does the flow computer programming—​because your metering engineer never planned on having an expensive mismeasurement by an unproven device!

The consistent performance of the rugged, reliable OMNI equates to reduced operating expenses for your project. With its field-proven dependability, easy upgrade path, unparalleled longevity, and strong in-house support, the OMNI will deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry over the lifetime of your project.

OMNI understands that buying a flow computer is an investment. An individual flow computer device, obscure to most engineers in a variety of disciplines, is responsible for reliably metering millions of dollars' worth of hydrocarbon fluid every day—​your assets.

As your partner in custody transfer, OMNI has the responsibility of providing you with the most dependable flow computer at the lowest project lifetime cost. This flow computer will not be discontinued or obsoleted in just a few years. OMNI flow computers are supplied to last the lifetime of your project and can be upgraded to go far beyond.