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About Us

OMNI Vision and Values Statement


To be the best in all we do.


OMNI's mission is to deliver the finest products and services to the world for measurement, data management, and control by:

  • Active communication
  • Collaboration with customers
  • Superior performance
  • Operating with integrity


OMNI is committed to respect, honesty, integrity, teamwork, and continual improvement among all those involved in our success.

  • Respect  Each person shall be regarded with high worth
  • Honesty  Truthfulness in word
  • Integrity  Consistently truthful in action
  • Teamwork  All of us working towards a common goal
  • Continual Improvement  Always changing for the better

Work Ethic

At OMNI, we believe:

  • All employees must be accountable to themselves and their team.
  • To succeed, an employee must be self-reliant, responsible, and accountable for their actions.
  • The Company's role is to develop leadership and empowerment at all levels.
  • Company and individual success is defined by attitude and commitment.
  • You must lead from the top, push from the bottom, and communicate across areas.

Quality Policy

OMNI is committed to being the leader in measurement, data management, and control. We will do this through:

  • Innovation and continual improvement
  • Meeting and exceeding customer requirements
  • Effective management of our systems and processes
  • Delivering superior products and services
  • Providing outstanding customer support