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OMNICOM For OMNI 3000/6000 Flow Computers

OMNICOM® is the companion PC‑based software that enhances the use of OMNI 3000/​6000 Series flow computers. This single Windows® program is all you need to perform any task on the OMNI.


OMNICOM is no longer available for download from the OMNI Web site. To obtain the OMNICOM software, or the standalone version of WinPanel, please contact our Support team at 281.240.6161.

Key Features

  • Online and offline configuration
  • Local and remote access
  • Simple operation
  • Multiple-site access
  • Extensive F1 Help
  • Built-in safety limits
  • Extensive communications logging and debugging
  • Customizable reports
  • Integrated WinPanel®
  • Windows 7 support

Designed around the OMNI operating system, OMNICOM emulates the front-panel keypad entries necessary to configure OMNI 3000/​6000 flow computers and controllers. OMNICOM simplifies configuration, either online or offline, with full-color menus and extensive F1 Help. Many key configuration parameters have built-in safety limits to protect you from accidental errors that could lead to faulty measurement.

OMNICOM allows you to perform operations such as quality monitoring in gas systems, and batching and proving in liquid systems. Valuable diagnostic and data screens are also available.

Whether you're simply changing one alarm limit or adding a whole new meter run, OMNICOM doesn't require the OMNI to be taken offline. All your changes can be made online, with no interruption to your business.

Finally, integrated into OMNICOM is WinPanel®, a PC‑based software interface that allows you to remotely control multiple flow computers through a serial or Ethernet network connection. WinPanel replicates all the functionality of the flow computer's front panel on your computer desktop and can be accessed through OMNICOM.