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OMNI Flow Computers:
The Industry Standard for 25 Years

Thanks to their superior design, rugged construction, and a lifetime measured in decades not years, OMNI flow computers have earned their rightful place as the benchmark product all others strive to match.

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Simply better!

Design, performance, and value are the key traits that have made the OMNI the flow computer benchmark in the fiscal metering world. During the past 25 years, OMNI has built a reputation for quality, security, longevity, and reliability that delivers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. That value—​the key to customer satisfaction—​demonstrates that OMNI flow computers are simply better!

Installed in pipelines worldwide from Russia, the United States, and Canada to Mexico and Colombia, from production platforms and FPSOs in Brazil to installations in Africa and China, from gas pipelines and terminals in the U.K. to crude and gas pipelines in Eurasia and crude oil export terminals in the Middle East, OMNIs have been built to last.

From simple LACT oil field measurement to the most complex multi-stream, ship-loading terminals in the world, the OMNI track record stands alone in delivering the ongoing value your business deserves.


If the OMNI flow computer can be described in a single word, that word is "reliable."

Over the past quarter century, the OMNI has proven itself to be an extraordinarily rugged and reliable instrument. Only the OMNI can boast a measured MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of better than five years, with a catastrophic MTBF of more than 192,300 hours. That's 8,000 days—​or 22 years!

With millions of your dollars on the line every day, the reliability of your flow computer is crucial. Reliability is the cornerstone of measurement, and we build our flow computers to meet the needs of measurement first.

Built to Last

OMNI flow computers are built to last.

Thanks to their superior design and rugged construction, OMNIs around the world in a variety of operating conditions have been in continuous operation for decades.

We're proud to report that OMNI serial number 0001, shipped to a Phillips 66 location in Kansas in May 1991, is still in service today counting barrels in Illinois with its companions, serial numbers 0002, 0003, and 0004. Upgraded since, these early models continue to meet current customer requirements. While "future proof" is a term used to define product life cycles and in current use by others, OMNI has been demonstrating "future proof" since 1991.

Never Obsolete

OMNI flow computers have never been discontinued nor obsoleted because they don't need to be.

Thanks to an easy migration path for both hardware and firmware, the OMNI lets you keep pace with measurement and communications trends and standards without the need to purchase a new flow computer or incur hidden engineering costs every few years.

No other flow computer manufacturer has supported a single product as long as OMNI. Numerous flow computer platforms have been launched and obsoleted in the past 25 years. Meanwhile, OMNI products endure.

No Compromises

Without compromise, OMNI is committed to quality to ensure your success.

Evolved in response to customer demands for unparalleled performance and unmatched economics, no one does it better than OMNI.

Only at OMNI are hardware and software designed, developed, and supported together under one roof. In-house product development ensures quality products, on-time delivery, and the front-line technical support on which you can depend.

Extensive field use and customer feedback have ensured that OMNI products have a reputation by which all others must be judged.

Never a Follower

OMNI's factory programming protects your bottom line.

OMNI is the industry leader in the markets we serve. Why? Because we have rejected and never followed the path of least resistance that requires the use of programming tools by project installers.

Other flow computer products offering such hybrid solutions are, at best, compromised and are rarely subject to metrological oversight or software audit. The impact on operations and fiscal results can go unnoticed for months or even years.

OMNI's commitment to factory programming only but with extensive configurability ensures that OMNI-sourced software is routinely subjected to quality norms and testing to protect your assets.

Project Lifetime

OMNI understands that buying a flow computer is an investment.

There is more to being responsible with your money than just being frugal. It isn't enough to spend less; you must spend wisely. You need to get the best value for the money you spend, and value is measured by products that last.

The consistent performance of the rugged, reliable OMNI equates to reduced operating expenses for your project. With its field-proven dependability, easy upgrade path, unparalleled longevity, and strong in-house support, the OMNI will deliver the lowest cost of ownership in the industry over the lifetime of your project.