OMNI 3000/6000 Series

The OMNI 3000E/6000E flow computer – including an enhancement over the basic OMNI 3000/6000 Series – offers improved security, enhanced software capabilities, and improved auditing and alarm functionality.

With its fast one second power-up recovery, field proven reliability, longevity, and usability, the OMNI 3000E/6000E offers the low total cost of ownership that OMNI is recognized for delivering. The 3000E/6000E exceeds all requirements for data processing, accuracy, and calculation cycle time for all recognized standards bodies, including API, ISO, OIML, and AGA.

When choosing between the OMNI 3000 and OMNI 6000 flow computers

The key question to ask is: How many meter runs do you need? The OMNI 3000 supports up to two meter runs. The OMNI 6000 gives you four. Beyond the number of meter runs, other considerations include:

  • How many and what types of field equipment inputs and outputs will be connected?
  • What communications connections will you require?
  • Will you be measuring hydrocarbon gas or liquid or some other fluid?
  • Will you measure in metric (SI) or U.S. customary units?
  • What is your preferred installation style?

The OMNI 3000 is typically used for single-liquid or dual-gas meter-run applications. It accepts two field I/O modules (combo modules). The OMNI 3000 comes with one 12‑channel digital I/O module and one communications module (either serial or Ethernet). For all other applications, you should choose an OMNI 6000.

The OMNI 6000 accepts up to 24 input signals using six field I/O modules (combo modules), including two serial SV modules. It is typically used for up to four meter-run applications. The OMNI 6000 comes with two 12‑channel digital I/O modules and up to three communications modules (either serial or Ethernet, or a mix of both).

The OMNI 3000E/6000E Flow Computer offers:

Improved Security
  • Enhanced security features mean tighter control over how both personnel and third-party systems can access the flow computer.
  • Up to 16 individual users, with individual login and password
  • Different permission rights for each user
Improved Auditing and Alarm Functionality
  • The enhanced system captures more complete data from all configuration changes and alarms, including date and time stamps, origin, and totals at the time of the change or alarm.
  • Up to 1000 alarm events
  • Full auditing
  • Configuration check-sum to monitor configuration changes
Enhanced Features
  • Twice as many liquid products
  • Twice as many Boolean and Variable statements
Enhanced Software Capabilities
  • OMNICOM software has been updated to accommodate the security, audit, and alarm firmware updates. It also incorporates time-saving features that allow direct-paste functionality of registers, eliminating the need for a manual.