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OMNI 4000/7000 Series

The OMNI Series 4000/7000 flow computer delivers reliable, and fully traceable measurement of gas and liquid applications. As the most secure flow computer available, the 4000/7000 is ideal for custody transfer and fiscal measurement applications.

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OMNI 3000/6000 Series

The OMNI 3000/6000 Series of flow computers consistently delivers reliability and longevity for a low total cost of ownership that is recognized throughout the world.

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Correctly installed and operated, the OMNI’s secure architecture means that its calculations or configuration can’t be compromised. Only the OMNI guarantees that what we program at the factory is what is being used in the field for your measurements.


Our philosophy is rooted in continuous development – not obsolescence. While competitor units must be upgraded or replaced every five years on average, the OMNI just keeps on working. In fact, OMNI serial numbers 002, 003, and 004, produced 25 years ago, are still in daily operation.


The OMNI’s catastrophic MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of more than 8,000 days is longer than some competitor flow computers have been on the market.


Every second you’re not measuring, you’re losing money. With a boot-up time of under a second, the OMNI is measuring while others are still reloading the operating system after an unexpected voltage spike or power dip.


Three quick steps tell you exactly what tasks the OMNI is performing. Simple configuration, never programming, is all it takes to install, operate, and maintain an OMNI. Any programming modifications by OMNI or configuration changes by you can be quickly identified to meet any metrological or operational audit requirements.


Thanks to its fast one-second power-up, field-proven reliability, and unmatched longevity, the OMNI has the lowest cost of ownership in its product class.

OMNI flow computers are the fiscal metering backbone of the world’s largest pipelines and terminals

In a world where innovation is constant and the goal of technology is to leapfrog the competitors, OMNI stands alone in its insistence to manufacture products that are designed to last decades and operate with a very low total cost of ownership. Irrespective of economic fluctuations in the oil and gas industry there will always be a demand for capital and operating cost discipline, making high-quality, field-proven OMNI flow computers the instrument of choice of industry professionals.

Decades of metering experience, verifiable factory programming, and traceable field configurability make OMNI the better choice.

OMNI products integrate easily with your metering, flow and valve control, and system communication needs. Quality components and reliable, optimized software and firmware ensure high performance for custody transfer accuracy. Our systematic approach to product design ensures an optimum assembly time for putting together all the elements—components, boards, standard software—to shorten the build cycle and get the product to you on schedule.