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August 01, 2022

OMNI Flow Computers, Inc.

Model 3000 and 6000 Lifecycle Status Statement - Update


OMNI 3000 and 6000 flow computers are in Active Product Manufacturing Status as noticed in our previous Statement issued in 2013. The severe global supply chain disruption imposed on all manufacturing activity since 2020 has only accelerated in 2022. Guarantees of stable long-term supply have been suspended by component manufacturers due to heightened demand or in some cases, cancelled due to cessation of electronic component production lines. Therefore our products remain active as long as component supply remains available as of the date of this Statement.


OMNI 3000 and 6000 flow computers have been under a program of continuous improvement since their introduction in 1991. All firmware and hardware modules have been updated several times since their first introduction. Only OMNI flow computers installed since 2016 can be safely upgraded to current manufacturing specifications and international ISO standards. This ensures consistency with current operations specifications. Using this continuous improvement strategy, OMNI has been able to provide its customers a cost-effective project lifetime guarantee through transparent migration paths as stated herein.


OMNI 3000 and OMNI 6000 flow computers are being supported for hardware as long as parts modules remain available. Technical Support shall be available for a further period of three (3) years beyond any change in manufacturing status.


Measurement, technology, and communications capabilities have greatly advanced since 1991. Technological standards and operations specifications have been changed to meet today’s economic challenges since the installation of customers’ original OMNI 3000 and OMNI 6000 flow computers. Based on reliability and best operating procedures of their Company, now more than ever, users need to migrate to the OMNI 4000 and OMNI 7000. These newer products meet current international OIML and ISO standards in place since before 2016. They offer substantial cost-effective compatibility and equivalent longevity and reliability in installation and usage at all levels. A comprehensive Management of Change and Forecasting and Procurement process has been recommended to many users since OMNI’s Lifecycle status was issued in 2013. This ensures minimal disruption to existing operations.


For further information or clarification, please contact OMNI Flow Computers, Inc. or email to:

Kenia Lyons
Quality Manager